Our Export Range

Cheesy Tastees

A packet weights 50grms and a box contains 48 packets. Cheesy Tastees are the original, Gluten Free, Cheesy Twistees packed under the “Tastees” brand which are for exporting in bulk orders of 66 cases and over. E-mail us if interested.  Read More

Cheesy Tastees Sharing

Cheesy Tastees Sharing is The original Cheesy Twistees which is rice based and has a cheesy coating. Each packet weights 150grms and there are 24 packets in each box. This product is an export pack for bulk orders of 66 and over. E-mail us if interested!  Read More

Tastees Barbeque

Smokey Barbeque Tastees is a rice based product and is a combination of the original cheesy Twistees with a yummy barbeque flavour. Read More

Tastees Bacon

Packed in a metallized and air tight to make sure they stay crunchy and satisfying! Each box contains 48 packets & each packet weight 50 grams. Read More

Tastees Chilli Cheese

A rice based product with a combination of the original Twistees with a hot chilli flavour. It is a cheesy, crunchy and savoury snack. Read More

Tastees Smokey

A rice based product. The smokey flavour of this gluten free gourmet snack is truly delicious.  It weighs 50grms and has 48 packets in each box. Read More

Cheesy Tastees Lite

Tastees Lite is based off of the Original rice based Cheesy Twistees but is lower in fat and sodium. Tastees Lite is packed in an air-tight and metallized bag. Each packet weights 50grms and each box contains 48 packets. This is our export packet of 66 cases and over. Read More