Twistees / Tastees Manufacturing LTD.

Established over 50 years ago by Mr. Ray Calleja, Tastees Manufacturing Ltd., produce Twistees, Malta’s iconic branded snack.

(The late Mr. Ray Calleja)

The original factory was situated at Jetties Wharf in Marsa but is now situated in Marsa Industrial Estate in a state of the art, modern production line which is constantly being upgraded.

Cheese Twistees and Bacon Tastees, both in 50g pillow bags were the original products produced.
As with all success stories, diversification ensued after the original Twistees, with the introduction and manufacture of the following range;
BBQ Twistees
Chicken Twistees
Low fat & Salt Twistees
Cheese Twistees Sharing x 150g
ChilliCheese Tastees
Smokey Tastees
Twistees Travel Bag, an Airport exclusive

The R&D department are constantly working on new flavours.

The initial attraction and uniqueness of Twistees was that it was one of the first snacks to be baked not fried and only Natural ingredients are used. Keeping with tradition of healthy snack production, Twistees was the first in Malta to adhere to the strict government and EU regulations for healthy eating with Twistees Low in Fat & Salt.

Now the reins of the company are being held by Third generation members, who continue to grow the brand internationally for new adoring fans with innovative new marketing idea to adapt to ever changing markets and tastes.

The full rage is exported under the Tastees brand, as well as private label to various countries around the world. We have also developed unique flavours for certain markets.

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